• Maternity Goddess Tutorial by Emily Julander - April 2020


    Add some majesty to your maternity images by adding thrown fabric layers to create something a little extra for your clients.

    No stock included.

  • Newborn Dream Catcher Composite by Emily Julander - March 2020


    This video show the safe way to photograph and composite a newborn for a dream catcher image.

  • Creating a Reflection by Emily Julander - Feb 2020


    A reflection can be accomplished in camera, but if you happen to decide after shooting that a reflection could be cool, I've gotcha covered! Learn how to use photoshop layers, masks and blending modes to make a perfect reflection.

  • For The Love of Puppies - Adele - April 2020

    Learn how to extract furry pets and blend them seamlessly into this digital background.

  • Froggy Pose Composite by Emily Julander - March 2020


    It's so important to know that this popular Newborn Photography Pose is a composite. So many people see this pose and try it unassisted. It's dangerous for babies and should not be done without compositing.

  • For the Love of Puppies Take 2! by Adele Holland July 2020

    Movie + 1 extra

    A tutorial walking through a full edit of His Royal Highness, Leo King of Fluff. Bit of puppet warp, blending, cutting out your fluffy subjects, and a tiny bit of banter vs Katie :P
    Includes Rainbow Baby Balloon Background By Little Dreamers Photography

  • Newborn Socially distanced shoots via Zoom/Facetime by Adele Holland

    Movie + 2 extras

    Watch as Adele walks you through how to do a basic newborn shoot with their mobile phones during the pandemic. This enables families to still have great quality images of their beautiful lockdown babies without having to leave the comfort of their home, and you yours!