A streaming video subscription library of Photoshop tutorials to help you learn how to composite photography images.
Learn from the best in the industry in all genres from newborn to surreal, fantasy, sports, fine art and more.

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  • Frame Within a Frame Tutorial by Eric Miele

    1 video

    This tutorial is for beginner users to photoshop. In this tutorial you will learn: How to create a completely black background, use masks, levels, layers, resize and adjust the perspective of images, make groups and how to use smart objects.

  • Mermaid Composite Tutorial by Katie Forshaw

    1 video

    Mermaid beach composite by Makememagical's Katie Forshaw.
    Watch Katie transform a regular under exposed file taken before sunset, into a magical image with glowing planet and added shell and starfish stock.
    See how to make reflections in water, paint hair, change colours of objects, add splashes ...

  • TV Set Tutorial for beginners by Eric Miele

    1 video

    A beginners video of how to create the effect of being on TV. You will learn how to photograph to get the effect of pressing up against glass and against a black backdrop. You will learn how to create several effects of an old TV screen, including in color, black and white and tinted. Photosho...

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